Saturday, 21 March 2015

Push A File Using Git

You follow these steps
Step 1:

create a file in any location

Step 2:

Go to file path using git.

Step 3: Now  run these command

1. git init.
2. git remote add origin
( I have used bitbucket for remote you can also it bitbucket)

 Note : step 1 and step 2 follow only when you create new repository.
  Step 1 and 2 only follow once to add remote . In other exercise i consider that you have add remote.
3. git add first_file.txt or git add -A
4. git commit -m"my first commit"
5. git status[for checking that all changes add and commit or not].
6. git push -u origin master

Now your local file have uploaded on remote.

reference :


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